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Hand Signal etiquettes in blackjack

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Like any other game, blackjack has a set of etiquette that you must follow. Assuming that you know the basics of the game, we would like to lineup some hand signals that you must know so you can communicate with the dealer effectively.

The hand signals in blackjack will be different if you are playing a game where the cards are dealt facing up or facing down.

When you are playing a face up blackjack game here are some tips you can follow to signal the dealer what you want to do:

  • Point at your cards if you like another card or a hit
  • If you feel like standing then wave you hands over your cards, parallel to the game table
  • If you want to split your card or maybe double down, place your 2nd bet just near your original bet and never atop your original bet